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I am a self taught developer and JavaScript enthusiast, next target is React.js

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Ahmed Raza

Front End Developer

I am Lead Front End Developer working remotely at Clear Path, LLC New Maxico USA. I always had passion to learn programming so in 2015 I started E-learning from CS50 and then the journey never stopped. I have passed various certifications / MOOCS and made more than 50 projects along the way. I have decided to learn at least one thing new daily, and Code daily. Member of #100dayOfCode.

I have decided to excel in JavaScript when I was taking Free Code Camp. So I made more than 70 projects to sharpen my front end skills.

Designed and developed Websites/Views/Templates using HTML, CSS, SASS/SCSS, CSS Animation, Javascript , ES6, Babel, Jquery, Bootstrap, Fontawesome, Python, SQLite, Grunt, Gulp, Git, Webpack, Usage of API's etc.

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I am available to be a part of some great developer team as "Remote front end developer" or for contract job.